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ein weißer Laptop steht aufgeklappt auf einem hellen Untergrund mit Schattenwurf. Auf dem Screen ist die Software leadtributor geöffnet. Man sieht den Reporting-Prozess.

Our innovative lead manager.

How to build a measurable sales organisation with sales partners.

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Großer heller Raum, eingerichtet mit Sofas und Planzen.


A software tool for manufacturers with partner sales

Do you receive a lot of leads that you need to process, manage and forward to the right specialist partner? Leadtributor automatically distributes all leads to the perfect partner.


Don't know the status of your leads?
Leadtributor gives you a clear overview of all customer enquiries. Your sales partners provide automated feedback.

Do you organise your sales via sales partners, specialist dealers or sales representatives and have no measurable facts & figures? With leadtributor, your partner sales become transparent and traceable. You can obtain a forecast of your sales partner leads with just one click. 

Portrait von Uwe Götze.


We can measure the processing quality of our partners and evaluate our marketing activities. We know exactly where the highest conversion rates are generated.

Uwe Götze, Head of Marketing

Portrait von Thomas Peter.

Reiner SCT

With leadtributor, there was not only a direct increase in sales. Retailer sales can be planned much better. The leadtributor finally creates facts. 

Thomas Peter, Director Channel Sales

Portrait vonChristoph Bauditz.


The biggest leverage for us with leadtributor is increased customer satisfaction, time savings in the team and a fair & fast lead allocation process.

Christoph Bauditz, Head of Partner Relations

Forecast in partner sales always in view

With just one click, you can see which deals are imminent, where you need feedback and how your quarterly figures stand.



Everything for measurable sales with sales partners


Automatic lead distribution

Each lead is automatically transferred directly to the appropriate processor. Various lead distribution strategies are possible, which can be combined in a variety of ways.


Partner management

Ensure that your partners enjoy working with you. Distribute suitable sales territories, competences and more so that your partners always receive the right orders. With our KPIs, you can also keep an eye on partner performance at all times.


Lead tracking

Your sales partners can easily provide feedback with just one click: Directly from the reminder email, in the app or in the browser: Giving feedback is just a click away for your partner.


Integration into the CRM system

With leadtributor you can connect your IT systems such as CRMs. Use our flexible Enterprise Integration Platform, which allows you to connect practically any tool to leadtributor with minimum effort.

leadtributor is perfect for you,
if you are a ...


Sales Manager

You work closely with sales partners and use indirect sales to acquire end customers.


in internal sales

You process many customer enquiries and leads and have to forward them to suitable trading partners.


Marketing Manager

You pass on leads to specialist partners and want to know what has become of your end customer enquiries. 

Tried and tested solution - since 2014!

Since 2014, Leadtributor has helped large & medium-sized companies with multi-level sales structures in 11 different industries to build up permanently measurable figures about their sales with sales partners, track customer enquiries at the click of a button and thus become No. 1 in their industry.

3 gezeichnete Männchen bilden ein Team. Über ihren Köpfen schweben Qualitäts-Sternchen.

Working in partnership

Together with countless dealers, our system has been tested and refined over many years. One of the many advantages for sales partners!

Grauer Pokal mit grünem Stern drauf.

Facts & figures at a glance

We eliminate the black box and create facts about your sales organisation! Clearly organised and structured - so that you have everything in view!

Ein Tachometer und ein gezackter Pfeil des Erfolgs.

Simple & fast system

No programming effort, no initial installation, no initial costs. Our solution works out-of-the-box. 

No lead is not processed!

Dissatisfied end customers are a thing of the past!
With leadtributor escalations, all leads are processed within
processed by the right partner within a few hours. And it's fully automatic. And best of all: you can keep an eye on all leads at all times!

     Highly efficient processes.     
Simple & clear structure

Start for free with a measurable sales process! 

Simply register and try it out for free.
The demo shown will guide you through the individual steps.

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