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Why companies with an indirect sales organisation choose leadtributor

What other enthusiastic customers say...

„Since we started working with leadtributor, leads can be automatically distributed to the right construction consultant based on sales territories. This happens in a matter of seconds. We have been able to greatly reduce the manual effort involved. A great tool for companies that work with sales representatives.“

Paul Frammelsberger

Managing Director of Frammelsberger Holzhaus

Our other partners


"I support leadtributor because I am convinced by the product. It's exactly what I was missing during my 18 years as a managing director at Apple and Sage."

Peter Dewald

Former CEO Sage, Consultant, Advisory Board, Business Angel


"Many CRM systems do not offer any useful solutions for efficient and effective lead management with sales partners. The leadtributor is an ideal addition to existing CRM systems. Lead and pipeline management by telephone, e-mail and Excel is finally a thing of the past." 

Alexander Grams

Channel Development SAP, Author,
former CEO Insalcon & Consultant Channel Sales


"Within a few days, leadtributor set up the system for us and we were able to get started straight away. To this day, the personal support provided by leadtributor is very convenient. Our recommendation if you want to introduce a lead management system quickly and have a sales organisation with sales representatives. That's where leadtributor is the specialist!"

Beate Scheunemann

Head of Internal Sales, LUXHAUS


"For me, leadtributor is the ideal complement to marketing automation and CRM systems. I develop matching models and handover parameters for the transfer of leads to partners, retailers and distributors in order to accompany leads in retail to the conclusion." 

Norbert Schuster

CEO Strike2

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