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The lead generation software tool
for successful partner sales

More sales, time savings and higher customer satisfaction! 
With automatic lead distribution & follow-up, escalation management and the simplest lead provision to your partners, you can create efficient partner sales.

Screen des leadtributor. Einblick in die Leaddetailliste der Software. Ein Vorgeschmack auf das Lead Management Tool.
Screen des leadtributor. Einblick in die Leadverteilungsoptionen Software. Ein Vorgeschmack auf das Lead Management Tool.
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     More deals, as no lead remains unprocessed

Do you know how many leads you generate? If you assume that 20 % of your leads are not processed at all or are processed very poorly, then leadtributor increases the closing rate by 20 %. These functions ensure that your leads are processed well in future.

With pre-filtered lead lists, you always have an overview of all leads!

  • What stages are my leads in?

  • Which customer enquiries are overdue?

  • How many opportunities are about to be closed?

Silberner moderner Laptop steht vor einer weißen Wand. Er ist geöffnet.
Screen auf einem Laptop. Er zeigt eine Übersicht der Leads.
     Time saving due to automatic
lead distribution

Distribute your leads to marketplaces and use one or combined distribution strategies within the marketplaces. Direct allocation to exactly one partner is also possible. 

Your enquiry has never found the right processor so quickly!

Offer your leads to exactly one or more partners and ask for commitment: 

  • Perimeter distribution

  • Nearest partner

  • ​Distribution based on competences or other attributes

Screen der Software leadtributor. Zu sehen ist eine Karte mit der regionalen Verteilung der Leads.

     Satisfied end customers thanks to centralised lead provision

Thanks to centralised lead provision, sales partners receive an end customer enquiry at the exact moment it is sent. This significantly reduces the response time and makes your end customers happy more quickly.

All offered leads at a glance.  

Your sales partners can accept or reject leads in a matter of seconds. 

Silberner moderner Laptop steht vor einer weißen Wand. Er ist geöffnet.
Die Pickliste der Software leadtriburot ist ein einem Fenster zu sehen.

     KPIs in partner sales
All key figures just a click away. 

Good reporting saves a lot of time when it comes to preparing for the weekly sales meeting, the board meeting or a discussion with a sales partner. 
How do your partners perform in comparison? Who has been offered how many leads and what are the conversion rates? Which campaigns or sales territories are performing extremely well? Use the figures to improve your organisation.

Screen der Software leadtributor. Hier ist zu sehen, wie einem Vertriebspartner wichtige Attribute zugewiesen werden.

  All data at a glance: 
Simply assign attributes  


     Integration platform
Much more than just a connector

leadtributor gives you free access to our Open API, which you can use to connect your tools to leadtributor. You can do it yourself, use our help or utilise the flexible Enterprise Integration Platform from Marini Systems GmbH. This allows you to connect practically any tool to your environment with the least possible effort.

Your flexible modular system

Erfahren Sie, wie sich unsere Integrationen nahtlos an Ihre technische Umgebung anpassen.

Integrate leadtributor into your existing systems, whether CRM, ERP, CMS or marketing automation and sales tools. We have the right solution for you. Virtually any system with an API can be seamlessly integrated via the Marini Integration Platform. You can view a selection of plans here.
By integrating a fully automated lead management process and integrating it into your systems via the Marini Integration Platform, together we create a value chain that minimises your workload and allows your business to flourish. We turn sales partners into colleagues and leads into satisfied customers without you having to intervene manually.

How does it work?

Successful integration with ...

CMS with TYPO 3

Fully automated transfer of website forms to the right sales partner in TYPO 3

You receive a lead via forms from TYPO3. This lead is synchronised to leadtributor in real time. A lead is created there and offered to the sales partner who is eligible for this specific lead according to fixed criteria. This can be one sales partner or several. You have configured who is eligible in advance. The sales partner who accepts the lead first is awarded the contract and can contact the end customer without any delay. And all of this is fully automated, without any manual intervention on your part. All the information you have in leadtributor can then flow back into another system on your side, for example into a CRM system such as a Sales Cloud or another system of your choice that has an API. You decide which information you need in which tool.

Die Grafik zeigt die erfolgreiche Integration eines CMS System mit dem leadtributor.
TYP3 Logo. Schwarze Schrift mit einem orangen Icon.
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