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This is us

A team of experts or companies
with indirect sales channels

We have more than 25 years of experience in companies with indirect sales structures
and have bundled our knowledge into one tool - the leadtributor

Bild von Marcell Kehmstedt, Geschäftsführer der leadtributor GmbH.

Hello, i am
Marcell Kehmstedt,

together with my team, we are developing a software solution for indirect sales. Manufacturers with sales partner structures in particular benefit from our software solution because all contact enquiries and trading partners are centralised in one tool.

We focus on the following three building blocks during development:

  1. Lead management

  2. Lead distribution

  3. Partner management

Hello, i am 
Katharina Krus,

When I used to advise customers in B2B sales, I often encountered the same problem: lead management in companies was like a one-way street. Leads were distributed to sales partners. And then you never found out whether a deal had been closed. And if not, why. An absolute no-go in times of automation and digitalisation. That's why we developed leadtributor: 

  1. Customer enquiries are automatically & digitally forwarded to the exact matching trading partner or building consultant

  2. Partners are empowered to quickly and easily create and process potential customers digitally  

  3. The entire sales process is transparent, structured and comprehensible, giving you full control over customer processes

Bild von Katharina Krus aus der leadtributor GmbH.

Start for free with a
measurable sales process! 

Simply register now and try it out for 2 weeks free of charge.
The demo shown will guide you through the individual steps.

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