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What is it worth to you?
all your leads are processed perfectly?

With leadtributor you always have an overview of all opportunities! 

More turnover? Of course! No more leftover leads. All leads are processed. And your conversion rate? It increases simply because your customer inquiries are processed much faster! This also increases customer satisfaction.

Saving time? Of course! No more annoying phone calls to sales partners. Leadtributor not only automatically distributes all leads to the perfect partners! Leadtributor also makes them available to the sales partner quickly and easily for processing. 



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sales partners

€ 950 / month



Hände schütteln.


sales partners

€ 1.900 / month



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sales partners

€ 3.550 / month


Do you have many more sales partners and need customized pricing?

€ / month

Let's talk about your customized pricing.

Valid for 12 months. Includes 14-day free trial period.

Dynamische Vertriebsteam sitzt begeister vor dem Laptop und lobt den leadtributor.

Benefit now!

  • Incl. automation

  • Use of combined distribution strategies & direct assignment

  • Provision for the partner: email, mobile, web

  • Roles & rights management

  • Integration into the CRM or other systems

  • Fixed package price for 12 months

Portrait von Christoph Bauditz


Christoph Bauditz

Head of Partner Relations, Microtech

„The cooperation with the leadtributor team is excellent. The onboarding was perfect. The employee was always there for us from the first touchpoint to the last signature. There was never an unanswered question. The open communication and quick response to queries from the leadtributor team contributed to impressive customer service.“
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