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Obtaining an optimal overview with great success

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How medatixx uses leadtributor to deploy its practice and outpatient clinic software throughout Germany and maintain a complete overview of leads


In this case study you will learn:

How medatixx is creating a comprehensive partner network and ensuring that patients receive better care in the future.

How medatixx manages 50 service partners and 15 of its own branches and records inquiries via leadtributor.

How medatixx is able to have a member of staff on site within an hour if a customer is interested.


Description of the company:

We want to help our users to organize their practice processes optimally and manage bureaucracy as efficiently as possible.

In addition to practice software, we offer additional solutions, including online appointment booking and video consultations, as well as services relating to practice IT and practice management software.

More than 28% of all general practitioners in Germany work with practice or outpatient clinic software from medatixx.

19 own locations and 45 sales partners guarantee close regional support throughout Germany. The “medatixx academy” offers training courses for doctors and medical professionals at 24 locations.

» The initial situation

At that time, we were still using a specially developed prospect management system, only basic campaign evaluations could be created, but no differentiated statistics, and the documentation of leads for the service partners was very time-consuming. Other questions could not be answered either:

Which modules is the contact still interested in?

Which lead is interested in which software solution?

How many interested parties still have which status?

The contact details of new interested parties were also passed on to our partners manually and recorded. Different applications were used here from partner to partner. As a result, we often only received feedback on the lead status through proactive inquiries. A different solution had to be found for effective and differentiated lead management.

We want to ensure faster processes in order to provide better patient care.

This makes it all the more important for providers of practice and outpatient software to be close to their potential customers.

"We wanted lead management software that would allow us to initiate and measure partner activities. At the same time, we wanted flexible lead allocation with centralized provision of leads. This was all possible thanks to the highly customizable software."

Vera Schaller, Internal sales department, medatixx

The implementation

"When a new lead is set up, we receive feedback the very next day from the service partner or the employee at the relevant branch, as documentation is now much easier. I can also find out in real time when a consultation appointment is due, how it went, when and whether a sale was closed. And if not, why. I can also see when existing customers have opted for a new product."

With the help of the lead import, data records with leads can now be easily uploaded and fed in, such as Excel lists.

Another practical feature is the fact that she now knows the specific contact person for each lead.

"Especially when I'm talking to a service partner, I now know immediately which of the up to 50 employees is responsible for the lead in question.This creates total transparency in the channel!"

Some individual developments were made for medatixx in leadtributor. The changeover began with a short basic training course. Before the official launch, partners and employees were able to log into the test system and try out the software at their leisure.

"Since the introduction of leadtributor, the ROI of a marketing campaign can be measured at a glance. Thanks to the detailed reporting function, I can see within seconds how high the completion rate of a particular marketing campaign is. This saves an enormous amount of time in sales and marketing."


"Completely happy?" Vera Schaller laughs:

"Almost. I would still like to see even deeper integration of the leadtributor into our other IT systems. But we can certainly tackle this in the coming months."


The advantages

No matter where your inquiries come from. With leadtributor, all leads are processed immediately. Nothing is left lying around.

The leadtributor qualifies, distributes, monitors and manages leads with sales partners, sales representatives or sales agents. All results flow back into your systems.

Thanks to flexible changes in the leadtributor, it is now perfectly adapted to the wishes of medatixx.

More transparency, better sales forecasts, clean data management and lower process costs are the result!


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