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SchwörerHaus achieves 20% lead increase with evalanche and leadtributor

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Generate leads, distribute them automatically to regional sales partners and develop them into new customers with professional marketing automation campaigns: SchwörerHaus KG has taken on this ambitious project and successfully implemented it.


In this case study you will learn:

How SchwörerHaus KG successfully implements the combination of platform strategy, intelligent interaction between the marketing automation solution Evalanche and the lead management software leadtributor.

How the prefabricated house manufacturer shines not only with an end-to-end lead management process, but also with forward-looking and, above all, customer-oriented marketing.

How the company achieved an impressive interim result with a lead increase of 20 percent and over 2,000 new newsletter subscribers within just a few months.


Description of the company:

Founded in 1950 by Hans Schwörer, SchwörerHaus KG is one of Germany's largest prefabricated house manufacturers, having built more than 40,000 houses. Based in Hohenstein-Oberstetten, the family-run company is one of the leading house builders in Germany, Switzerland and neighboring European countries. SchwörerHaus sells around 800 to 1,000 prefabricated houses every year, including detached, semi-detached, multi-family and mini houses or FlyingSpaces.

The company, which has around 1,350 employees, focuses on energy-saving and ecological construction methods. The houses manufactured in Hohenstein-Oberstetten meet the criteria of the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). They ensure optimal living health, which is guaranteed by tested, low-pollutant building materials and verified by indoor air measurements in cooperation with the independent Sentinel Haus Institute.

» The initial situation

Claudia Baur, Online Marketing Managerin, SchwörerHaus KG
Claudia Baur, Online Marketing Managerin, SchwörerHaus KG

SchwörerHaus sells its high-quality prefabricated houses to future homeowners via its own sales force. The renowned prefabricated house manufacturer employs around 110 building consultants, each of whom is responsible for one region. They mainly work on a mobile basis or advise prospective and existing customers on site and in show homes.

Due to the decentralized sales structures, leads were also recorded and distributed via a wide variety of media, such as email, fax or telephone. Data reconciliation between marketing, sales and field service often caused immense manual effort. A GDPR-compliant, user-friendly data management system was therefore needed.

The marketing processes were similarly complex: In addition to catalogs, information material and special promotions, which potential interested parties mainly receive by post, there is a newsletter that interested parties can sign up for via the website. To enable SchwörerHaus to make its lead generation more efficient and customer-oriented, from acquisition to completion, it was necessary to create end-to-end marketing and sales processes.

This means setting up automated marketing workflows and integrating sales partners into the lead management process. The aim of all this is to successfully implement an interplay between marketing automation and a complex sales organization.

Requirements of SchwörerHaus KG

To achieve this, SchwörerHaus set out in spring 2018 to find a suitable marketing automation solution. The prefabricated house manufacturer attached great importance to using a “Made In Germany” solution that guarantees data protection and security.

“Evalanche not only impressed us with its numerous and GDPR-compliant functionalities,” praises Claudia Baur, Online Marketing Manager at SchwörerHaus KG. “We also felt that we were in good hands right from the start: we always had a contact person at our disposal who responded to our individual wishes and provided us with additional expertise.”

The option for later extensions and expansion for other divisions also played a role. “Since we have a total of eleven divisions as a group of companies, it was important for us to select a solution in which separate clients and information from different data pools could be mapped,” explains Claudia Baur.

What happens next? In future, the internal systems will also be connected to leadtributor so that a transparent internal data flow can be guaranteed. This will also allow sales staff to see exactly which partner is processing which service order.

The implementation

When the prefabricated house manufacturer opted for the marketing automation solution in July 2018, the question inevitably arose as to how the leads generated via Evalanche could reach the decentralized sales partners seamlessly and, above all, automatically.

With leadtributor, the right solution was quickly found: “leadtributor has a standardized interface to Evalanche,” explains Nadja Bläser, Customer Success Manager at leadtributor GmbH. “This enables a seamless connection so that the leads flow directly into the lead management solution and are always synchronized.”

This enables SchwörerHaus to monitor all newly generated leads and automatically distribute them to the relevant building consultant via the specified zip code. “Introducing both solutions at the same time took more time than a simple software implementation,” recalls Claudia Baur.

With leadtributor, the right solution was quickly found: “leadtributor has a standardized interface to Evalanche,” explains Nadja Bläser, Customer Success Manager at leadtributor GmbH. “This enables a seamless connection so that the leads flow directly into the lead management solution and are always synchronized.”

"We generated our first leads via Evalanche back in February 2019. We have been completely digital since March 2020. Now we only have Evalanche and leadtributor as integrated data systems." - Claudia Baur


FlyingSpace Kampagne

Small houses big time: The productive use of Evalanche and leadtributor marked the launch of the first marketing automation campaign.

“In times of housing shortages and an ever-increasing desire for simplicity - keyword: minimalism - it quickly became clear to us that we wanted to promote our FlyingSpaces more strongly,” says Claudia Baur. “In other words, to make our small houses really big.” To this end, SchwörerHaus used the templates in Evalanche to create a landing page with an integrated form that interested parties can use to request the FlyingSpace catalog.

To do this, they have to enter personal data such as their name and address and can select other topics that interest them in relation to mini houses in particular or prefabricated houses in general. These include, for example, healthy living or home automation. The data from the form is automatically transmitted to Evalanche. From there, it flows directly into leadtributor and is forwarded to the responsible building consultant.

Depending on whether they use the mobile app or the desktop portal, they receive a push notification on their smartphone or an email. It signals that a new lead exists and provides a link that the construction consultant can use to call up the customer question, including all detailed information, and define the next steps. Their feedback then flows back into Evalanche, where it triggers a lead-nurturing process:

The interested party receives, for example, customer examples or information on funding opportunities by e-mail, tailored to their individual needs.

The result

As SchwörerHaus also presents itself on the Internet as a trustworthy company with professional search engine optimization, many potential customers find their way to the website. The willingness of interested parties to fill out the data form for the FlyingSpace campaign was correspondingly high. “Most of them even subscribed to the newsletter at the same time,” says Claudia Baur happily.

Since the landing pages for the FlyingSpace campaign went online, SchwörerHaus:


Experienced a lead increase of 20 percent.


The number of newsletter subscribers has also risen considerably. In just four months, the prefabricated house manufacturer has gained over 2,000 new subscribers.


With open rates of between 50 and 60 percent, the monthly newsletter about the FlyingSpaces is very successful.

The advantages

“The intelligent interaction between Evalanche and leadtributor has not only enabled us to bring our processes up to date, but also to position ourselves for the future,” explains Claudia Baur.

"The two systems are the optimal solution for lead management 4.0 at SchwörerHaus. We now have the perfect basis."

As part of the successful FlyingSpaces campaign, SchwörerHaus has already leveraged its defined marketing potential and at the same time discovered many more.

For example, the company plans to set up additional form-based landing pages for registering for events and to further differentiate and personalize its newsletter. In future, it will be geared even more towards the individual needs of interested parties and customers.


“The potential is far from exhausted”


"With Evalanche and leadtributor, we have two living systems that are constantly evolving, just like our house concepts. They fit together and we can only benefit from that."

- Claudia Baur


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