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Good harvest for the Kverneland Group in indirect sales

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How an agricultural machinery sales company introduced successful lead management and gained more end customers together with trading partners


In this case study you will learn:

How an agricultural machinery sales company automatically forwards customer enquiries to suitable trading partners and never again leaves leads ‘lying around’

  How to digitally control your retail and specialist partners in indirect sales and automatically receive feedback from the specialist partner without asking for it

 How you can immediately visualise sales potential in indirect sales using transparent, digital tools and identify predetermined breaking points in sales


Description of the company:

Ole Gabriel Kverneland presented his first plough in 1882. Since then, the company has focussed on increasing the efficiency of farms. With great success.

Today, 2,500 employees generate a turnover of more than 500 million euros. Significantly increasing efficiency was also the motivation for the German sales company to introduce intelligent lead management in 2019.

They were supported in this endeavour by the consultants from e-raumwerk GmbH.

Also on board: the marketing automation platform Evalanche, the lead management solution leadtributor and the Marini HubEngine.

» The initial situation

The Internet has also long been an important information platform for farmers. Typical research topics: How do farmers solve their challenges and which products are best suited? But that's not all: according to the German Farmers' Association, almost one in three farmers use social media for their work.

'Social networks have become indispensable in agriculture today. They are important media for professional exchange, for marketing one's own products and for communicating with consumers,’ says Bitkom Managing Director Dr Bernhard Rohleder.

All the more reason for the Kverneland Group Germany to further expand its digital channels.

The goal:

To generate more customer enquiries and eliminate incomplete processes.

Just a few months ago, customer enquiries were forwarded to the key account managers by email and telephone. They then maintained contact with the customer together with the retailer.

The biggest problem:

There was no ‘digital cycle’. All information flowed by email or telephone. There was no usable data for marketing. Nurture flows, cross-selling or up-selling processes? Everything was missing! There was also no overview of the pipeline for the coming weeks. A solution was needed!

 Requirements of the Kverneland Group

AGRITECHNICA 2019: Over 900 leads were generated during the trade fair. These were captured quickly and easily via marketing automation. Now a solution was needed for distributing and processing the leads. Leadtributor is now used for this. The key account managers now receive their leads via app on their mobile phones or can access the web-based lead portal from anywhere.

Reduce lead management costs by 50%! The new processes and infrastructure create a digital and fully monitored lead management process. All customer enquiries are processed in record time and all data remains in one cycle. The powerful Evalanche marketing automation system now plays to its strengths in supporting up- and cross-selling processes.

Initial successes motivate us to continue. In future, Kverneland Group dealers will be directly linked to this intelligent cycle. End customer enquiries will then be developed via marketing automation. Once a relevant lead score is reached, the leads are offered to sales partners. The result of the processing flows back into the marketing automation database, which displays new campaigns and information to the customer depending on their profile. A closed, digital and automated cycle.

What's next? The opportunity management solution leadtributor is intended to solve another major problem for product managers in the future. At the end of the year, they have to plan the machines for the following year, until now based on their gut feeling. In future, order figures will be based on an exact pipeline and a comprehensive forecast. KPIs will then provide information about the past and enable future planning. Targets will then be monitored at the touch of a button on a daily basis.

The realisation

To expand its position in the digital channels, the Kverneland Group commissioned the experts at e-raumwerk. The goal: to introduce an intelligent 360-degree lead management cycle. Involved: Evalanche and the leadtributor.

e-raumwerk GmbH supports medium-sized and large companies in the implementation of marketing automation and lead management processes, from strategy and concept development to monitoring and process reinforcement as a service.

SC-Networks GmbH is a marketing software as a service provider and manufacturer of Evalanche, one of the most modern, web-based marketing automation platforms on the European market. SC-Networks is the Made in Germany specialist for e-mail marketing and marketing automation for agencies and internationally operating companies.

The Marini HubEngine was also added. This allows companies to integrate their own individual marketing and sales platform. The great advantage of the flexible Marini HubEngine is that companies have their own integration platform for any marketing and sales systems. The HubEngine can connect all relevant systems.

The advantages

No matter where your enquiries come from, with leadtributor all leads are processed immediately. Nothing is left behind.

 The leadtributor qualifies, distributes and monitors leads with sales partners, sales representatives or sales agents. All results flow back into your systems.

 The lead process can finally be supported intelligently and sustainably. All information on the processing status is available at all times. 100% of all leads are processed! Nothing is left behind!

More transparency, better sales forecasts, clean data management and and lower process costs are the result!


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