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Revolution in partner sales: Microtech reduces lead processing time by 80%

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Microtech optimizes its sales process, achieves impressive time savings and creates fairness and transparency for sales partners and end customers.


In this case study you will learn:

How Microtech achieved impressive time savings in passing on leads by replacing the manual selection process with automatic, objective criteria.

How an ERP manufacturer achieved the ambitious target of 24 hours for processing customer inquiries, significantly increasing customer satisfaction.

How Microtech transformed the lead allocation process, making it fairer and more transparent and giving all partners an equal opportunity to process inquiries.


Description of the company:

Microtech GmbH is an experienced provider of ERP software with over 30 years of industry experience. Around 120 employees work at the Hargesheim, Fürth and Eugendorf (Austria) sites. We have 150 partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The implementation of leadtributor has led to significant improvements in the sales process. Christoph Bauditz, Head of Partner Relations at Microtech, shares his experiences with the product and highlights the significant benefits.

» The initial situation

"Before the introduction of leadtributor, the service request process at Microtech was time-consuming and opaque. A customer submitting a request often had to wait a week or more for a suitable partner to be found. The manual selection process, in which employees contacted ten partners by phone, was inefficient and led to an uneven distribution of requests among the partners."

microtech GmbH

Advantages of implementing leadtributor at microtech

Automation and time savings: Time-consuming telephone calls have been eliminated by recording inquiries directly in the leadtributor system and automatically distributing them to partners. Objective criteria are automatically applied to select the most suitable partners. This has enabled Microtech to achieve impressive time savings of 80% per lead.

Fast processing and increased customer satisfaction: Microtech's goal is to process inquiries within 24 hours. Thanks to intelligent escalation mechanisms in leadtributor, not only is the most qualified partner selected, but also one who actually has time. This has contributed to a significant increase in customer satisfaction, as customers now receive feedback within a short period of time.

Fair and transparent award process: leadtributor has made the award process fairer and more transparent. All partners now have the same opportunity to process service requests, as objective criteria are used to select partners. This has significantly increased satisfaction among the partners.

What happens next? In future, the internal systems will also be connected to leadtributor so that a transparent internal data flow can be guaranteed. This will also allow sales staff to see exactly which partner is processing which service order.

Onboarding and implementation by leadtributor

Christoph Bauditz not only emphasizes the effectiveness of the leadtributor product, but also the excellent cooperation with the team: “The onboarding was perfect. The employee was always there for us from the first touchpoint to the last signature. There was never an unanswered question."

In addition, the leadtributor team was described as extremely flexible and willing to implement customer requests, which led to a positive and lasting impression: “My improvement requests were taken seriously and incorporated into the roadmap.”

The advantages

Regardless of the request, all leads are processed immediately with leadtributor. Nothing is left behind.

With leadtributor, leads are distributed to the most suitable partner. Based on objective criteria. This ensures the fastest possible processing.

The lead process can finally be supported intelligently and sustainably. All information on the processing status is available at all times. 100% of all leads are processed! Nothing is left behind!

Increased customer satisfaction, time savings in the team and a fair & fast lead allocation process.


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