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The right CRM system: would you rather do it yourself or use a CRM specialist?

CRM software - do it yourself or CRM specialist?

First of all, regardless of whether it's an in-house solution or a CRM specialist, the following always applies: to support lead acquisition, lead management and, above all, customer care, powerful software is the linchpin in modern companies. No wonder, after all, a well-maintained CRM system gives you an overview of your customers, contacts and potential sales opportunities.

Speaking of sales: When it comes to CRM indirect sales, the clocks tick a little differently.

"Normal" CRM systems are usually not suitable for your particular system. They do not cover all the requirements or offer functions that you do not need.

For this reason, companies often decide to develop their own software solutions in-house. But is this really a sensible decision? Let's take a closer look:

Advantages of CRM compared to in-house development.

Your internal IT department is fit. Undisputed. Nevertheless, and with all due respect, most non-IT companies are not specialists in developing IT solutions.

Even if your employees are really good at programming, software development requires a few more skills:

A project manager who describes the requirements and keeps an eye on implementation

 Data protection specialists in IT data law

 Real professionals in hosting & databases and requirements management

 Of course, specialists in software development who are able to implement new functions requested by the specialist department and constantly carry out CRM enhancements

This is quite a lot of work, which can be very time-consuming and costly.


Companies that specialise in software development combine all these skills to create reliable software systems. Doesn't it make sense to turn to these specialists?

We are the CRM specialist for you, so that you can concentrate on your daily business!

We know the challenges you face in indirect sales. We know what requirements your perfect CRM system needs to fulfil and what benefits CRM offers in an optimised form so that data and analytics can be prepared in a user-friendly way for sales and marketing.

Leadtributor is:

Icon einer Zielscheibe mit Pfeil in der Mitte


Leadtributor specialises in the construction industry and therefore sales with many parties and sales representatives. We know the challenges involved. We have incorporated our 30 years of experience with precisely these processes into the development of our specialised software.

Icon einer Hand


CRM indirect sales: Leadtributor is exactly the right tool for all requirements in indirect sales with specialised dealers, craftsmen or sales representatives - in other words, for multi-level sales.

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 Lead manager

In addition to structure and organisation, Leadtributor helps you to keep an eye on your customer enquiries. Your entire customer process is digitalised and automated.

Hosting, data protection and system speed!

The requirements for data protection are now very high and sometimes opaque. Getting to grips with them properly takes a lot of time for the layperson. Not to mention the necessary infrastructure, which has a considerable financial impact. There are also regular maintenance costs and certifications.

This is no longer an issue for you:


As a modern software provider, we naturally take over the hosting of the systems and ensure that they are permanently protected and deliver 100% performance. As your specialists, we naturally also ensure that your data is protected in accordance with current GDPR requirements. This saves you time, money and, above all, nerves!


CRM speciality as an advantage if something does get stuck: our support is always on hand

Customer support is still one of our top priorities:

You have a personal contact person around the clock.

Your account manager will take care of your concerns and provide advice.

There is also a chat and ticket system for quick questions.

Our customers also have access to our support portal. Here you will find videos and instructions as well as a community that helps each other in a lively dialogue.

Wishes, suggestions, further developments

We always have an open ear here! You don't need to use your own IT department for continuous CRM expansion. That only costs time and nerves. Feel free to contact us with your wishes and requirements.

Together with you, we clarify what a good solution could look like and schedule the implementation with our team.

Worth the price

At first glance, an external solution does indeed usually appear more expensive. On closer inspection, however, you soon realise that the costs are quite calculable. As CRM specialists, we understand your needs and can usually implement them in a time-saving manner. And in the end, the systems work so well that you can take even better care of your business.


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