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Insurance Sales in Transition: Process Business Insurance Leads Faster and with More Agility

Insurance Sales in Transition: Process Business Insurance Leads Faster and with More Agility

Insurance sales are in a state of flux: since business insurance leads have been generated directly by insurance companies, the pressure on internal sales has increased. This is because lead management is becoming more complex. The solution here is end-to-end digital lead forwarding and processing.

Being an insurance agent or broker today is not easy: Digitization brings many advantages to insurers - because most customers find out about insurance policies on the Internet, they compare prices, read blogs or rely on recommendations. And they often sign up for uncomplicated policies via the Internet as well.

Lead generation management in the insurance business

Insurers are playing an increasingly central role in generating leads for insurance companies. This is because the initial contact is more and more often made online on their website. After that, leads nowadays tend to go to companies such as Deutsche Versicherungsbörse or AG. And from there to a broker. For brokers, a lead costs up to 200 euros, depending on the line of business and quality. The problem here is: How is it ensured that these insurance leads are actually processed? There is a risk that agents buy too many leads, which they may not be able to process due to time limitations. Or they process them too late.

Another way the lead is going:

Insurance lead generation management: Inquiries are forwarded directly from insurance companies to their insurance agents. The problem here, as well: The leads are still sent by mail, phone or fax. . Unorganized and unsystematic. An based on unclear criteria.

As you can see, in both cases, success stands and falls with:

the quality or importance of the lead

the speed with which the lead is transferred

Speed is the key

Leads for insurance companies: To get leads from the web to the right insurance agent or broker as quickly as possible, the process of passing on and processing leads must be digitized.


This kind of process is guaranteed, for example, by the software leadtributor - directly from the web, as soon as prospective customers fill in online forms to be advised. Then the request is automatically offered to the insurance agents. According to which criteria?

Capacity and number of agents

    Geographic proximity

    Revenue potentiall

    Knowhow, etc. 

The insurance agent must actively reserve the request for himself. The advantage: It is not just "the usual suspects" who receive the insurance leads. The process is "democratic" and fair in the best sense. Everyone who is fast enough gets their turn. Whether he is a newly contracted insurance agent or a long-established one.

The insurance agent only receives further leads if he can prove that the previously reserved leads will also be "processed". The fact that the lead is generated online via a form also usually guarantees a high probability of closing the deal. Because the Lead extra left its contact details. In this way, established insurance agents as well as new ones can be quickly connected to the insurer. And make quick turnover.

Copyright © 2015 Oliver Wyman „Versicherungsvertrieb 2020“
Copyright © 2015 Oliver Wyman „Versicherungsvertrieb 2020“


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