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Lead Management Tool – my partners don’t go along with it

The right Lead Management Tool is the Key to Success

Lead management tool is indispensable in the context of "digitalization". You are probably also automating more and more processes in your company. Many companies we speak with are digitizing for all it's worth - but without adequately integrating their sales channels. They feel overwhelmed, because the abundance of new processes and tools from their manufacturers grows daily.

The result: despite new lead management tool, things are not running smoothly!

Well, what is the reason for that? Either you couldn't motivate your partners to use the new possibilities. Or your partners have had enough. And they are fed up with new tools that they are supposed to use. Only to find out that they are complicated, confusing and only of limited help. Let me give you a few suggestions to make your indirect sales processes run smoother and your lead distribution software really deliver!

1. Deliver good Leads to your Distributor

Each lead and also each sales partner should have its own well created profile in your lead management tool. These profiles are enriched with data, for example the location of partner and lead, the qualifications of the partners or any conceivable information from your CRM systems. This data is compared with each other: A lead from Flensburg is assigned a partner from Flensburg and the surrounding area.

This ensures that, by means of so-called matching mechanisms, only the person who is in good hands with a particular lead receives it.

The motivation to work on a lead that is close by and fits the respective competencies is much higher.

2. Provide an Overview for all

In a neatly tidy room, you don't have to spend a lot of time looking for your belongings - you always know where something is. However, sales partners quickly lose track of things if they have to cope with too much information. Leads slip through their hands and are lost - ultimately to the annoyance of the customer. Create fully automatic reminders in your sales software and make sure that all leads can be found in one place at lightning speed and are child's play to manage. No Excel, no searching around. Everything with one mouse click.

3. First Come, First Served

A lead should only be distributed once - and not to multiple partners. Sounds logical? But it rarely works.

Because if different requests come at different times from different people but to the same company, it becomes difficult for the manufacturer to keep track.

Do your best to ensure that all inquiries about the same company reach only one partner. And, of course, only to the one who grabbed the lead first from the pick list.

4. An Automatic Reward System with the Sales Software.

Active and diligent partners should be rewarded. Those who use the lead distribution software you've introduced and proactively participate in what's going on will get higher-quantity, higher-quality leads. For example, it could go like this: If a partner doesn't give feedback on an accepted lead, he will be penalized and won't get any more new leads - in other words, the exact opposite of the busy little bee! Logically, this means: More leads are left in the system for the busy bee to grab.

5. Save Yourself and the Partner from Lengthy Reports

It's a bit like money: if you spend too much in one place, you won't have enough in another.

So don't waste time with overanalyzed and complex reporting. Nevertheless, always maintain an overview. This will help you to find a common basis for discussions around the topic of lead processing and you and your partners can focus on what really counts: the customer.


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