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Leadtributor Experience – the medatixx Success Story!

Leadtributor Experience - A Review from Medatixx

As one of the leading providers of practice and outpatient software, medatixx has an extensive network of sales partners and branches. And it covers the whole of Germany. In order to maintain an optimal overview of its lead management, the company has relied on leadtributor since 2015. With great success. Here are the leadtributor experiences:

More insight in the data chaos!

A recent survey by Springer Medizin and Deutsche Bank revealed:

German practice physicians want to invest significantly more in the near future. Above all, in new equipment and in the modernization of the practice's EDP. This also includes powerful software that can be used to manage appointments, update patient records, file findings, record diagnoses and service numbers, and write invoices.

All this to ensure faster processes and better care for patients. This makes it all the more important for providers of practice and outpatient clinic software to be very close to their potential customers.

Therefore, medatixx has created a powerful partner network: about 50 service partners and 15 own branches take care of customer inquiries and new customer business.

"We are one of the few suppliers in Germany to have such a large regional presence thanks to a distinctive mixed structure of service partners and our own branches. This allows us to provide optimal support for our customers and to visit and advise new prospects quickly."

- Vera Schaller from internal sales at medatixx.


If someone shows interest in the software, a partner or a branch employee should be able to be at the practice door within an hour. This requires extremely fast, seamless lead processing. And it harbors a few pitfalls.


The problem: low reporting from the channel

"Just a year ago, what was happening was that we were passing on the contact details of new prospects to our service partners - and then having to follow up manually.

  1. How many deals could a partner generate from one of our campaigns?

  2. For what reasons did it not come to a closure?

Since service partners use their own applications to track leads, we often only got feedback on lead status by proactively asking. Why was that?

 "At that time, we were still using a specially developed prospect management system that contained only basic functionalities,"

explains Vera Schaller.

The Problem:

Only basic evaluations of the campaigns could be created, but no differentiated statistics, and the documentation of the leads for the service partners was very time-consuming. Other questions could not be answered either:

Which modules is the contact still interested in?

Which lead is interested in which software solution?

How many interested parties still have what status? For effective and differentiated lead management, another solution had to be found.


The solution: the leadtributor applied in practice

Leadtributor experience

In November 2015 the decision was made: medatixx switched to the leadtributor

Mrs. Schaller remembers:

"We wanted lead management software that would allow us to initiate and measure partner activity. At the same time, we wanted flexible lead attribution with centralized lead delivery. This was all possible thanks to the highly customizable software."

For medatixx some individual developments were made in the leadtributor.

"The changeover went surprisingly quickly. Only a short basic training course was necessary. Before the official launch, we were able to log into the test system to try out the software at our leisure. But that was it."

And off we went. A total of 130 users are now using leadtributor in the company's practice. In the head office, and especially in the branches and at the sales partners.

"When a lead is posted to leadtributor by us:

we receive feedback from the service partner or the employee of the responsible branch office the very next day, as the documentation is now much easier.

 I find out in real time when a consultation is due, how it went, when and whether a sale was closed. And if not, why.

 I also find out which existing customers have opted for a new product. For example, for online appointment scheduling or for an archiving program."


ROI measurement made easy - Leadtributor experience

What she values most about her Leadtributor experience is that she can measure the ROI of a marketing campaign at a glance.

"Thanks to the detailed reporting function, I can see at a glance what the completion rate of a particular marketing campaign is."

From a sales and marketing perspective, this is a huge gain and saves an enormous amount of time. The fact that you now know the specific contact person for each lead is also practical.

"Especially when I'm talking to a service partner, I now know immediately who of the up to 50 employees is responsible for the respective lead. This creates total transparency in the channel!"

How do the leads get into the leadtributor? Quite simply via lead import. With this function, data records, e.g. from Excel lists, can be easily uploaded and fed in.


Perfectly happy? Vera Schaller laughs:

"Almost. I would still like to see an even deeper integration of the leadtributor into our other IT systems. But we can certainly address this in the coming months."


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