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Automate Sales: 5 Reasons to Automate the Sales Channel

Automate sales even in multi-level sales - why?

Automate sales: Anyone who sells their product through the indirect sales channel knows:

Sales partners do not always find it easy to familiarize themselves with all the manufacturer programs and to obtain information on campaigns and products from partner portals.

Some partners have many manufacturers and thus many processes, portals and contacts. It's about time to use sales automation to make collaboration easier and more efficient!

The old principle applies:

The product that I can sell easier, less complicated and faster has my highest attention. That's why you should automate many processes in sales:

1. Your distributors prefer to work with you.

One thing is clear:

Whether you sell machines, baths, cars or medical technology, potential distributors will be more likely to choose to sell your product if you make it easy for them to work with you.


That means, for example, by automating onboarding processes:

Product datasheets

   Campaign materials

   Welcome Kits


» partners should receive these materials at the push of a button - or even have them made available via push message.

2. You do not waste time with administrative procedures.

Partner onboarding usually follows the same patterns. When you automate these processes, you have more time to better support your channel partners in other things.

For example, when it comes to responding in real time to questions about products, prices or aftersales offers. In short, this enables you to enter into a better dialog with your partner network.

3. You make faster and better business decisions in multichannel distribution

Does the campaign work? Does it generate many opportunities? How many leads are being processed by sales partners? Which partners are particularly active? Which ones close quickly?

With real-time digital analytics, you can now monitor your channel activities and multichannel sales and intervene immediately if you notice something going wrong in the channel. And in real time! You get all the data on the performance of your channel partners. And ultimately, you can even see which products are doing better in the market.

4. Sie generieren mehr Umsatz durch Sales Automation

It is now a truism that the faster a distributor responds to their inquiry, the more willing potential customers are to buy a product.

Developments in the online space have led to response and delivery times shortening dramatically!

In the car trade, research has shown that 87 percent of all prospective buyers contact several dealers at the same time - and expect a quick response. Within one day at the latest. If this does not happen, they become impatient and look around for alternative suppliers.

Automate sales - Tip:

Regardless of whether inquiries come from the web or via e-mail - the saying "time is money" also applies in the channel. And automating processes in the channel guarantees speed.

5. You forge closer ties with sales partners.

Automation in the sales channel can also promote communication among partners. And shared opinions and information automatically lead to more knowledge exchange. By integrating chat functions or messenger services into your automation platforms, information is finally shared that you would otherwise only receive once a year at partner conferences. In this way, you strengthen the partner ecosystem and bind your sales partners more closely to you.


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